When it comes to pin tumbler locks, people may find that they are the most common locks found on the doors of homes. They are willing to learn how to pick the pin tumbler lock, which helps them solve the problems that they lost the keys or locked outside the rooms. You can read this guidance to know how to pick the pin tumbler lock with lock pick sets

How to Pick the Pin Tumbler Lock

If you want to learn how to pick the pin tumbler lock, you had better understand the basic mechanism of pin tumbler locks in advance. The design of the basic pin tumbler lock has been used for a long time. 

Pin tumbler locks include an outer cylindrical casing in which a plug is housed. You can find that there is the small gap between the outer casing and the plug called the shear line. You should remember the shear line in your mind, which will be used commonly further. The plug offers an opening for the key. As the suitable key is inserted into the plug, you can rotate the plug and unlock the lock. There are a series of five or six holes drilled on the top of the plug. The holes include key pins of various lengths. All of them are called key pins because they touch the key as you insert a key into the plug. There is a driver pin on the top of each key pin that’s spring-loaded. 

In the above picture, we can find that there is no key in the plug. Due to various key pin lengths, the drive pins can cross the shear line, which allows the plug to rotate. If you insert the wrong key into the lock, you will notice that the notches on the key can not lift up the key pin at the right height., which makes them protrude through the shear line in the plug. 

In order to make the plug rotate, you have to lift each of the key pins and driver pins to the right height until the gap between the key pins and driver pins reaches the shear line. As all of these pins reach the right position, you can rotate the plug. This is the right situation when you insert the right cut key into the pin tumbler lock.

Lock Pick Sets for Pin Dimple Locks

As you are going to pick a lock, you will need lock pick tools instead of keys. You need line up the gap between the key pins and driver pins with the shear line between the outer casing and the plug. You can make it easy with the right lock pick sets. 

You can choose different tools to pick a lock. For example, the most common lock pick tools a tension wrench and pick rakes. You can buy a portable credit card lock pick set which includes five different picks. These picks are made of good stainless steel. It includes one tension wrench and several rakes with various numbers of ridges, which lets you pick several pins at a time. You can also use the pick that allows you to pick one pin at a time. 

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